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Why Should I Choose Advanced MRI?
The MRI system at Advanced MRI is a High Field Open Unit. This state-of-the-art diagnostic unit provides the largest, most comfortable opening of any MRI system available in the area. Advanced MRI is capable of performing a full range of diagnostic studies, in a very comfortable patient-friendly environment. If your patients tend to be claustrophobic or concerned with tight spaces, Advanced MRI is perfect for them. Finally, you can have the quality of images you need with the openness and comfort your patients deserve!

The following information is required to schedule your patients exam:

  • Patients name
  • Contact number
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Area of the body to be examined.
  • Diagnosis and pertinent clinical and medical history (i.e. Has the patient had prior surgery?).
  • Referring physician's name, address and phone number.

Before patient's exam time, Advanced MRI will also need the following information
(this may be phoned or faxed to our office):

  • Type of insurance
  • Personal injury, worker's compensation information, and attorney information (if applicable).
  • Is the patient in severe pain or are they extremely claustrophobic? If so, please provide them with medication so they will be comfortable during the exam

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