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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an MRI scan safe?
YES! MRI is a safe procedure for most patients. However, due to the strong magnet, MRI’s cannot be performed if you have a cardiac pacemaker, cerebral aneurysm clips or ear implants. Some possible restrictions may include pregnancy or other implanted devices. Our staff will be happy to discuss any concerns you have regarding the MRI procedure.

How do I prepare for an MRI exam?
Certain exams require fasting four to six hours prior to the exam. Otherwise, there are no special preparations necessary before having your MRI exam. You won’t be allowed to wear anything metallic during the exam, so it is best to leave watches, jewelry, or anything else containing metal at home. We will be happy to provide you with a locker for your valuables.

How long will the MRI take?
Examination times depend upon the part of the body being examined, but typically range from 30 minutes to one hour.

Do I need an injection for my MRI exam?
Certain MRI studies will require an injection of a contrast agent. This water-based harmless fluid is injected into your arm during the exam.

Do I need a referral or prescription to receive the MRI examination?
Yes, your doctor must give you a prescription to have the MRI completed. However, you are able to choose the MRI facility you are most comfortable with.

When will I know the results?
Once your MRI exam is completed, a radiologist will review the images and a written report will be sent to your referring physician.

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